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High Tech & High Touch: New Markets, New Patient Expectations

The global pandemic has resulted in profound changes on the way healthcare is delivered, and what consumers and patients expect.

Remote patient monitoring, telehealth, telemedicine and personalized medicine have all been accelerated exponentially due to the supply and demand shocks around the world. Before the global COVID-19 pandemic, patients wanted the convenience of remote visits (telehealth) but doctors and hospitals were wary, and insurance hesitated to pay for the services. Now that these technological advances have proliferated, patients expectations have been irreversibly changed.


What a difference a pandemic makes!

Changes to consumer behavior, including healthcare wearables, and the widespread use of Zoom and other virtual conference platforms have driven adoption of remote solutions faster than anyone could’ve imagined. These remote, technological solutions must not come at the expense of “the human touch”. How can we engage with this high-tech healthcare world, while preserving the interpersonal touch, which is the hallmark of all successful healing interactions?

Join us online on December 1st 2021 at 2.00 PM CET for a free, virtual EPIC webinar covering these topics. We’ve assembled two outstanding speakers covering the full range of these topics – from the nano to the global!


João Bocas, the Wearables Expert will talk about
the convergence of portable sensors and remote
devices in the domains of health, wellness and medicine



Jos de Blok will talk about the new consumer,
and how to empower organizations to meet
the new expectations of healthcare consumers/patients



Before the pandemic, healthcare innovations were being driven by underlying dynamics of change: the need for greater efficiencies, profit opportunities and a gradual shift toward consumerism. When EU providers shut down elective, non-urgent healthcare procedures to protect the availability of hospital resources, and focus on COVID-19 treatment, these dynamics were abruptly interrupted. Since “necessity is mother of invention”, telehealth has exploded as an existing solution, which has found swift and irrevocable adoption.

Consumers wanted telehealth long before the pandemic, but intermediaries and providers had balked. Now, there is no going back.


This program will look at:

  • The future of modern nanotechnology in remote monitoring and telehealth
  • The ways demand / supply in healthcare has shifted
  • How has the pandemic affected consumers’ (patients’) expectations’
  • What are / will be the key performance indicators (KPIs) for patient experiences
  • In what ways should providers adapt to the emerging consumer / patient trends

The basics of supply and demand may have been permanently changed. We need to begin the dialogue.

What is


The European Patient Experience and Innovation Congress is a high energy, stimulating event for everyone, from C -Suite executives, to clinical practitioners, clinic owners, scientists and investors.

EPIC brings together some of the most influential physicians, MedTech startups and health professionals from Europe & beyond to the table to improve how your patients will experience healthcare in the near future.

As technology continues to help us achieve previously unattainable results in healthcare, join us for an insiders’ look at which technologies, ideas & innovations are improving the patient experience with some of the leading clinics & healthcare companies of the world so that you can stay ahead.

Why attend


  • Network with the giants of the industry
  • Gain exposure for your company
  • Be part of the new wave of patient innovation in Europe
  • See firsthand the latest industry trends
  • Get inspired with ideas
  • Vote for the best ideas in new healthtech startups
  • Try new technology

Join us

as we explore

  • The design of systems to improve patient experience
  • The role of science, artificial intelligence and big data
  • Investment opportunities
  • Bedside and interpersonal methods to improve patient care
  • Mobile and personal care apps
  • The “future” of healthcare

„I am delighted to be part of the first ever European Patient Experience and Innovation Congress, where a patient-centred approach will be the heart of the discussions. Furthermore, we will exploit and aim to solve important challenges together, bringing innovation, emerging technologies and the latest marketplace trends to the bigger picture“

João Bocas

The Wearables Expert ™

„We are excited to be the international partner of the inaugural European Patient Experience & Innovation Conference hosted by Bagatin Clinic. This will be an excellent forum to learn, share, and network around innovative approaches to patient and customer experience.“

Joe Sweet

Cleveland Clinic

„Healthcare is no longer just a scientific procedure or diagnosis that happens in a room with a patient and doctor, it’s now about the complete patient journey. This is one of the new frontiers of medicine and the best way to network and transfer knowledge is to meet up at key events like this and share.“

Doug Lansky

„I am thrilled to take part in this important inaugural patient experience and innovation conference in my homeland of Croatia and proud of involvement of the Cleveland Clinic, the place where I work and learn for the last twenty years.“

Mario Škugor

Cleveland Clinic

„I feel honored to participate in the 1st European Patient Experience and Innovation Congress. It will be a pleasure to learn and share Quironsalud´s key values, which are based on clinical excellence, the commitment to innovation and research, and a personalized experience for patients and their families“

Nuria Díaz


„Buurtzorg can’t be absent at a congress that talks about patient experience! With EPIC we talk about the things that really matter in making our health care systems future proof. I feel honoured to share the key to our success with you.“

Thijs de Blok


„Spending time in the UK developing our plans for patient experience at Cleveland Clinic London, following 2 decades of practice in the US, has highlighted the power of bringing together great ideas from the US, UK and Europe. I’m looking forward to being part of EPIC and bringing back so much of what I’ll learn for the future benefit of our London patients.“

James Gutierrez

Cleveland Clinic London

„Being one of most traditional industries in the world, healthcare is a bit laggard comparing to the progress in other industries, especially from patient perspective. EPIC is a great initiative helping to foster great ideas and create the better future.“

Edgar Grant


„We who work in healthcare are well aware of the very many exciting innovations around us that help us to do work well beyond what was previously thought possible. The majority of patients in Europe however, experience healthcare in a very similar way as they have done for the past 10, 20 or 30 years. EPIC was created to change that. To share, motivate & educate healthcare leaders & their teams to bring the very best patient experience & innovations to the medical facilities & companies that they represent. Sign up to attend EPIC in beautiful Dubrovnik this coming March, and make this happen for you.“

Daniel C. Shaw


„This inaugural European Patient Experience & Innovation Conference (EPIC) is a great way to showcase diverse and fertile ground for healthcare innovation. I will be excited to be there and share and learn from others to work towards better patient satisfaction and outcomes“
Rahul Kashyap

Mayo Clinic

„We are truly looking forward to the 1st European Patient Experience & Innovation Congress. This will be a wonderful opportunity to share best practices and exchange ideas focused on person-centered care principles, and innovations to truly support optimal experiences for patients, family members and staff members as well!“

Karin Jay

Planetree International

„There is no doubt: innovation is key to success. At St. Catherine Hospital, we are introducing changes of healthcare through the personalized medicine concept, which is moving us closer to more precise, predictable and powerful health care that is customized for the individual patient. That is why I am excited to join EPIC, an excellent place to share knowledge and vision as well as to learn about new industry trends and emerging medical technologies.“

Dragan Primorac

St. Catherine specialty hospital

„Clinical excellence is no longer enough to effectively compete globally, it is essential for providers and governments to offer leading edge solutions and programs focused on the patient experience. What better opportunity to learn and share ideas and knowledge than the EPIC Congress? None! See you there!“

Elizabeth Ziemba

President of Medical Tourism Training and Temos Regional Office Director

„Driving innovation and utilizing effective new technologies in your organization will not only improve patient experience but will also improve patient outcomes. Invention is only a small part of the path to healthcare innovation. Leadership, entrepreneurship and smart cost management are essential elements that bring new ideas to the bedside.“

Frank A. Papay

Cleveland Clinic

„We are in a world of change – from new medical data sources over advanced analytics to medical innovation. Still we need to put patients at the center of healthcare with superior medical outcomes, E2E patient processes and experience as well as affordability and access. We are looking forward to finding new ways to innovate in healthcare at European Patient Experience & Innovation Conference“

Tobias Schenider

McKinsey & Company, Inc

„This is a conference I wouldn’t miss! Europe is the ideal incubator for innovations in healthcare, and EPIC is focused on those changes. EPIC represents the future of healthcare innovation to Europe.“

Irving Stackpole

Stackpole & Associates, Inc.

„I am honored to be a part of this leading-edge conference. Participating in EPIC is an amazing opportunity to gain insights from top-notch leaders about the future of healthcare. This one is a must-attend!“
Sheila Stevens

Mayo Clinic

„This is the congress that is long overdue! I am excited to participate in EPIC, as it offers a unique opportunity to play with ideas aimed at redesigning care delivery systems in ways that create far-reaching value for society.“

Stephanie Trpkov

World Bank

„This summit will focus on new ways to deliver high quality, safe care in healing environment. You will also learn how technology is changing our views on what patients want and need. Cleveland clinic is pleased to support this event. We were one of the first hospitals in the world to appoint a Chief Experience Officer and establish an office of patient experience. Our leaders will share some of the innovations we’ve developed to support more positive patient journey, while also creating a more engaging experience for our care givers around the world.“

Tom Mihaljević

CEO and President, Cleveland Clinic

„I am thrilled to be participating in the EPIC conference. It will be the ideal opportunity to learn from international thought leaders and discover what innovations they are implementing to move healthcare into the new age.“

Rebecca Brustad

Mayo Clinic

„Cleveland Clinic has nearly 100 years of history of leadership and innovation that changed healthcare in the USA. Now it is bringing its ‘Patients First’ unique culture to Europe. As a former Cleveland Clinic faculty member I strongly recommend attending the inaugural European Patient Experience & Innovation Conference hosted by Bagatin Clinic to every European doctor“

Tom Rogula

Jagiellonian University

„As an AI company we are very excited to pitch our proof of concept at EPIC’s ‘shark tank’ competition and present our solution on how AI can revolutionize the way we treat chronic patients but also very interested to learn more about how other innovators approach modern healthcare.“

Mislav Malenica


„EPIC is a must on the map of European conferences focused on research in healthcare. I am excited to exchange the ideas and experiences with the world class experts and innovators that in the near future will bring the patient-centered healthcare to the next level.“

Marcin Kruczyk


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