The Patient Experience & Outcome Measures

July 9th at 2020 at 1:00 PM EDT / 6:00 PM CET

The Patient Experience & Outcome Measures

Chris Graham and Karin Jay

Restoring Consumer Confidence by Partnering with Patients and Families

Karin Jay

The outbreak of COVID-19 resulted in widespread restrictions in hospitals, nursing homes and other care settings. These included reduction or elimination of several procedures, visitation restrictions, and sometimes challenged access to needed healthcare. These enhanced restrictions at times lead to unintended negative consequences and skepticism.  As some countries begin to see significant declines in COVID-19 cases, some organizations are bringing back certain services. This session will explore what we are learning about healthcare delivery from our patients, and how we can try to restore the confidence of patients, families and the community through deep and meaningful partnerships.


Why measure people’s experiences?

Chris Graham

Patient experience measures are widely used as a means of assessing the quality of care from the perspective of users. Despite the recent proliferation of these measures, they are all too often poorly understood and fail to lead to service improvements. This session will look at the role that measuring and understanding experiences can play in ensuring that care services are person centered, including the barriers to effective use of experience information and how these can be overcome.  

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