High-Tech & High Touch

High Tech & High Touch: New Markets, New Patient Expectations

The global pandemic has resulted in profound changes on the way healthcare is delivered, and what consumers and patients expect.

Remote patient monitoring, telehealth, telemedicine and personalized medicine have all been accelerated exponentially due to the supply and demand shocks around the world. Before the global COVID-19 pandemic, patients wanted the convenience of remote visits (telehealth) but doctors and hospitals were wary, and insurance hesitated to pay for the services. Now that these technological advances have proliferated, patients expectations have been irreversibly changed.


What a difference a pandemic makes!

Changes to consumer behavior, including healthcare wearables, and the widespread use of Zoom and other virtual conference platforms have driven adoption of remote solutions faster than anyone could’ve imagined. These remote, technological solutions must not come at the expense of “the human touch”. How can we engage with this high-tech healthcare world, while preserving the interpersonal touch, which is the hallmark of all successful healing interactions?

Join us online on December 1st 2021 at 2.00 PM CET for a free, virtual EPIC webinar covering these topics. We’ve assembled two outstanding speakers covering the full range of these topics – from the nano to the global!


João Bocas, the Wearables Expert will talk about
the convergence of portable sensors and remote
devices in the domains of health, wellness and medicine




Jos de Blok will talk about the new consumer,
and how to empower organizations to meet
the new expectations of healthcare consumers/patients



Before the pandemic, healthcare innovations were being driven by underlying dynamics of change: the need for greater efficiencies, profit opportunities and a gradual shift toward consumerism. When EU providers shut down elective, non-urgent healthcare procedures to protect the availability of hospital resources, and focus on COVID-19 treatment, these dynamics were abruptly interrupted. Since “necessity is mother of invention”, telehealth has exploded as an existing solution, which has found swift and irrevocable adoption.

Consumers wanted telehealth long before the pandemic, but intermediaries and providers had balked. Now, there is no going back.


This program will look at:

  • The future of modern nanotechnology in remote monitoring and telehealth
  • The ways demand / supply in healthcare has shifted
  • How has the pandemic affected consumers’ (patients’) expectations’
  • What are / will be the key performance indicators (KPIs) for patient experiences
  • In what ways should providers adapt to the emerging consumer / patient trends

The basics of supply and demand may have been permanently changed. We need to begin the dialogue.

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