The patient perspective was the focus of this webinar, High-Tech & High Touch organized by the European Patient Experience and Innovation Congress (EPIC) on Wednesday, December 1, 2021.

The program featured a discussion between Joao Bocas, The Wearables ExpertTM with Digital Salutem, discussing the highly personal and individual experience with health-related digital technologies, and Jos de Blok, founder of Buurtzog, discussing the opportunities and challenges of delivering personalized care through a disruptive, innovative organizational model. The program was facilitated by Irving Stackpole, international healthcare consultant with Stackpole & Associates.

You can access the recording program here.

There are multiple consumer/patient perspectives on the increasingly sophisticated technology available to monitor health & rehabilitation and improve the delivery of wellness & healthcare services. Joao discussed the barriers of privacy and security, while acknowledging the rapid and very broad adoption of technologies such as smart watches, rings & embedded sensors.

On the other hand, the growing costs of most healthcare delivery “systems” are recognized as unsustainable (such as the Netherlands, UK and US). Jos demonstrated how simple organizational restructuring can improve outcomes, increase patient satisfaction and lower costs (the “Triple Aim”).

The discussion among Joao, Jos and Irving examined the concept of “neighborhood” to describe and define the challenges of adopting both high-tech and high-touch solutions. The panelists recognize the need for further evolution, but agreed that patient education, collaborative management models (versus command and control) and translational research are all necessary to improve the patient & consumer experience in healthcare.